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Hey Rafa,

I will go over the questions in the same order:

1). Kanso uses retina.js for high-resolution image rendering, and the specifics of this script, as mentioned in the theme manual, is that both low-res and high-res images should be in the same folder; please check in the Theme Options panel that your low-res logo is in the same directory as the high-res one, and check from the actual filepath URL that both files are named appropriately and that WP uploader hasn’t added any auxiliary numbers at the end. For convenience, you can also simply upload both logo images into a separate folder and insert their URLs manually into the respective fields in the Theme Options panel, without uploading the images from the Panel.

2). Could you please clarify what you meant by “text inside the project boxes at the portfolio page” – is it the captions text or something else? Thanks!

3). Please try inserting this code into the theme’s “functions.php” file:

function kanso_sd_feed_request($vars) {
if ( isset($vars['feed']) && !isset($vars['post_type']) ) {
$vars['post_type'] = array('post', 'project');
return $vars;
add_filter('request', 'kanso_sd_feed_request');

Regarding the smaller screen options – do you have something specific in mind as well, which you could propose?

Andrii / Satori Studio