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Hey Satori.

1. Understood!
2. Correct, I meant the captions text. Sorry for the messy question :)
3. Ok, I inserted the code at the beginning of functions php, now is generating feeds, but when i push on RSS icon at the footer to subscribe, at the subscription page instead of showing an excerpt or just titles, it’s showing the full posts, all of them, in the same inverse order they were published, and with all images in original size. Even with all used links. After subscribing, the feed reader shows properly a list with post titles and all direct links to them are ok.

In small screens, basically about the icon menu. If ” icon menu in tiles on mobile screens” option is unchecked (shows icons and labels), these icons and labels appears extremely big, actually double sized compared to how it shows in my 13″ laptop (and a bit blurry) and makes the user to scroll quite a lot till reaching the content. But i’m now thinking this issue could be related with that snippet added to “add custom css” that you gave me to fix the icons at the icon menu (“Retina ready on Icon menu” topic at the forum), i’m not sure, but i think these icons weren’t that big before to adding that snippet, I’ve been more focused on laptop and tablet screens. One more thing about how it looks in my 4″ screen, the color selected for the header is not appearing, just the background color, but this is a minor detail actually. I can imagine now, how complex is to code a responsive theme like Ikebana ;)
Thank you for your time.

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