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Dear Lee Ann,

– Regarding the logo positioning: this is a known issue, this bug has been fixed in version 1.4 of the theme; I’ve updated your website’s files and now the logo displays correctly. Please accept my apologies for any inconveniences! Note that I’ve adjusted the “Logo width” and “Header section height” fields in the “Page Elements” tab of the Theme Options panel to accomodate the existing logo image most efficiently; you can change them back to “175” and “100” if you deem necessary. I would recommend uploading a new logo image with wider margins on all sides so that the header could be made thicker without losing in the quality of the logo.

– Concerning the “Social Media” tag filter: it seems that the filter only accepts single words, which is why changing the “Filter” field in the relevant icon menu item on the “Icon Menu” tab of the Theme Options panel did fix the issue. I will think of a way to eliminate this source of confusion in the next version update of Ikebana. Thanks!

Andrew / Satori Studio