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Seems the same function that turns off the built in slider also turns off the other one, so if I turn on the header one the other one turns on (but is still iffy).

So I removed the plugin and tried to work with the built in slider but using the options under Appearance –> Recent Posts Slider I’ve set it to pull from Category 21 – Featured. But nothing happens. Not only that, the arrows for navigation pop up in the upper left corner of the navigation area.

How it looks:

Settings under Appearance:

Settings under Theme Options:

I figure if I can get this working, I’d like to try to move it down and to the side. I really dig the resizing for different devices so I’d like to keep that while setting the default size to 660*320 and putting it where a blog post might be: above the rest of the blog content and to the left of the sidebar.

I know this is a lot of custom work, but if I can get the slider to work I can (probably) figure out the rest.

Thanks so much for a great theme and all of your help.