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Hey Rmills,

I will go over the issues one by one:

1). The main menu seems to have been duplicated in the process of importing the demo data: note that there are two of each item in the menu :) please try visiting the “Appearance -> Menus” admin section and deleting all duplicate items, i.e. every second menu item, so that there are one of each (e.g. “Features”, “Layouts”, etc).

2). The logo and other header contents are not part of the demo data because they are added via the theme’s Options Panel and are not part of the natural WordPress content (pages, posts, etc). To add a logo, please visit the “Theme Options” admin section, “Page Elements” tab, and find the “Logo” and “Logo alignment” options; in order to add the top bar with social icons, please use the “Header social icons” tab in the Theme Options panel; the auxiliary text and search box in the top right corner are also added via the Theme Options panel: please locate the “Display promo text in the top section” and the “Display search box in the top section” options in the “Page Elements” tab of the Theme Options panel.

Should you face difficulties with any of the above, or have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Andrii / Satori Studio