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Hello Andrii,

Thank You for your reply!

– I started to work with the Child Theme. Now I have some bugs on the single portfolio pages. I use the default sidebar on the right and I have an custom 3 column footer before the default footer widget area.
I copied the full of Ikebana 3.0 style.css to the child themes because if I use the child theme’s @import url the content on the front page not showing up properly. With this solution my code works well on the homepage. But on the single portfolio page the sidebar and the custom footer swapped. I have no idea why!?

-Another one problem is the header.php. I wanna add my widgetized areas in the header. But if I make a copy from the parent theme’s header.php to the child theme’s header.php the content on the homepage comes with Ikebana’s default settings and the layout breaks up.

Have You got any idea how to fix that?

Best regards, Csaba.