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Hey Jason,

the only difference I can spot between your instance of Ikebana and mine is the portfolio box item margins – the demo has a slightly lower setting than the default; could you please try setting the “Portfolio page items: box margins” field to “14” in the “Portfolio Page” tab of the Theme Options panel and refreshing the website?

Regarding portfolio ordering – the default order is by date, thus if you are fine with this method you can just change the dates of the projects if you want a custom order; for other ordering methods, please see the “Order of portfolio items” setting in the “Portfolio Page” tab of the Theme Options panel. I should also note that you can declare any project as “sticky” in Ikebana (see the “Sticky – Always First” settings box on the right hand side of the project editor screen mode), which will force it to display ahead of all other non-sticky ones.

Andrii / Satori Studio