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hi Andrew,
I would like to have my logo where this space is too, on every page of my blog
I uploaded my logo to my medias several times, in JPG, which I later scaled, and as a GIG, but I can’t find a way to show it
in that famous native ’empty’ space.
I would like my logo to be excactly centered and as big as the ’empty’ rectangle.
I would also like to try it in transparency (thus keeping the original background of the theme behin, like you did on Theme<forest for 'Origami' , and see which one I like best.
For now, I was totally unable to show my logo in any given way.

Another problem I have:
my top grey menu i sworking and showing the right pages… Home, Links, Contacts…
But there is one word (that is not even linked to anything) at the end of the menu on the right, it says 'pure questo' and I can't find a way to erase it.

How can I get rid of it ? I started the menus from scratch several times, and that word 'pure questo' is nowhere to be found !
Any Ideas ?