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Hey Credo,

the “widgetized frontpage template” option, as noted in its description, enables to set up a front page with widget areas above and below the main content, just like in the theme demo (the upper widget area is not occupied in this case). When this option is enabled, the two widget areas that contain the widgets are “Front Page Above Content” and “Front Page Below Content” (located in the “Appearance -> Widgets” admin section). In case you simply need a front page with a sidebar, I would recommend turning off the “widgetized frontpage template” option, setting a page as the static front in the “Settings -> Reading” admin section, and giving that page the “Right-sidebar” template layout in the page editor mode. In this case the widget area you need is the “Sidebar”.

Please let me know if the above information has been helpful in this instance or if you need further guidance!

Andrii / Satori Studio