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Hey Jean-Marie,

I will go over the questions one by one:

1). I see now that I confused which part of the website you had in mind – I think what you need is the “Copyright background color” in the same tab of the Theme Options panel ;)

2). At the moment it is not possible to create two portfolio pages which would contain different project items – every portfolio page you create will unfortunately have the same items. I will consider adding this feature in the next version of the theme, but so far you can implement two separate portfolio pages using some custom coding. I’ve made two template files for you (downloadable from my repository), please unzip the archive and upload the two files into the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/Ikebana); you will then have two additional template choices for new pages; you can choose the “Front Portfolio” template for your front page, and “Second Portfolio” for your other showcase. The front portfolio will only display project items which have a tag “front” (you will need to create such tag in “Portfolio -> Tags”), while the second portfolio template will only display projects with the “second” tag. Let me know if this works!

3). Good point, I should add link project format styling options into the Theme Options panel. For now, what you can do is add some CSS into the “Style: Add Custom CSS” tab of the Theme Options panel (first line for the underlined link text, second – for the link URL below the text):
#content .format-link .post-link h2 a, #content .format-link .post-link h2 { color: #999999 !important; }
#content .format-link .post-link-url { color: #818181 !important; }

replacing “#999999” and “#818181” with your preferred hex colors.

4). To hide the right-corner logo on standard-format portfolio projects, please use this CSS (inserting similarly as above):
.format-standard .overlay-post { background-image: none !important; }

***** from here on are the questions from your latest post, I’ve continued my list numbering *****

5). Concerning the Theme Options panel item for portfolio filter – please accept my apologies if the name is confusing, I think I will change it to “Icon menu item background on mouse over” (will be updated in the next version of Ikebana) – by function it does exactly what it’s supposed to, just the name is not the best one. By the way, the portfolio box background change on mouse-over is just increased transparency (you can see it on line 1436 in “style.css”); if you want a different effect, let me know, I will try to help.

6). You’re right, there is a bug in the heading text thickness setting. Please download the fixed file, unzip, and upload into the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/Ikebana).

7). This one works fine :) The light-gree heading on the Features page in the demo is styled by the WordPress built-in WYSIWYG editor, which creates in-line CSS styles and thus always overrides the theme settings. The “Body subheading text color” setting, in turn, relates to the text color of headings in the comments and post-author sections of the posts, as well as the subheading on the search results page – as noted in the description of the option.

Thank you for pointing out the bugs and inconsistencies in the theme, I appreciate that because it helps me polish the theme for the existing and future users and make it even more convenient to use.

Andrew / Satori Studio