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Hi Andrew
Sorry, but it’s me again for anothers problems :
In first, I’m work on Windows 7 64 bit, under the last version of Firefox 23.0.1 (but I test also under Chrome, IE 10, Opera and Safari; also with the new developper responsive design tool include in Firefox, to see the result on smartphone and tablet. The WP version is the last: 3.6-fr_FR.
About plug-in, there are your plugin “Advanced SEO Tools, Contact form and other that I’ve used always: all these pluging had already tested with other theme, for others developpement sites and no problem. And,before you mail you, I desactived all the plugin and no changement; same problems (except your plugin include, because impossible except by deleting the file !!!)
List: (Duplicate Post, Simple page ordering, sort by modified, updraft plus, User role editor, Varnish Http Purge, Wordfence security, WordPress importer, WP migrate DB, Shortcoder, P3.
The site is on Simple hosting of Gandi and I’ve desactived their “Varnish cache” during the developpement of the site, by an .htaccess file. About the cache of mt browser Firefox, I’ve adjusted at the minimal and when I Test, I go flush the cache of Firefox by the web desvelopper toolbar. All that to explain my work methodology.

1- In the panel “Theme Options/Style: content, Widget”, about the second item “Portfolio filter background on mouse over:”: this item change the background color of the Icon Menu ! Not the filter ( But What’s the color filter ? the sub-color wich appears on the projects when mouse over…exact ? In my own design, this color filter is the backround color of the page but with a less luminosity gradient. So, il myy background color page is red, the color filter is a dark red transparent. And no way to change that.
So, I ‘m also web developper ; so , I think that I’ll go change the CSS ; but, if you put the value data color in a variable, and if there are a bug, il’s more better that’s the problem be corrected by you, doesn’t it ?

2- Another problem
The item parameter “Body heading – text thickness” doesn’t work. It’s same with data value as 200, 400 o r 900. This parameter must be active on the H1 headings, yes ?
Exemple in page “Theme Feature” of your xml, and the title “Theme Features”
.serif, cite, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, .stick-title, .pagerbox a, .pagerbox, .su-heading-shell {
font-family: ‘Open Sans’,Arial,sans-serif;
font-weight: 300 !important;
the parameter font-weight is always to 300, and do n’t take the value write in the menu.

3- About the next item of this menu: Body subheading text color
It’s same. Doesn’t work.
In the same page, “Theme features”, for example, the sentence (which is in a incluse in a )
“Ikebana is a premium WordPress portfolio theme created by Satori Studio.” stay with “#B9CF8A” or near. The defaut color, a light grrey-green.

So if your are some solutions,it’s will be great.
Best regards.