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Hey JM,

I always like to read some French, but for two reasons – firstly, since mine is enough to understand the technical matter but definitely not sufficient to explain it, and secondly – because I want the information on this forum to be accessible to all future visitors who would benefit from the knowledgebase, I will answer in English:

Regarding the two portfolio pages: sorry, I forgot that there were multiple instances of referring to a specific portfolio page template (the conditional call “is_page_template(‘page_portfolio.php’)”) in several important theme files that determine the look of the theme – we would have to expand them all to include the two new portfolio templates. You can do it yourself if you are familiar with PHP; I can also do it, but this will take some time, and since it is a custom change that is not initially envisaged by the theme’s architecture, it will be below my priority to answer other support requests. I hope for your understanding!

Regarding your second question about portfolio images: the easiest way to create a gallery project is to upload images into the project by using the native WordPress “Add media” button; simply choose multiple images in the pop-up window, upload them, and insert into the post – the gallery is built automatically from the images attached to that specific post. If by “managing the images” you mean controlling their order, you can do so by setting the image names so that they are uploaded in the needed order – unfortunately, WordPress code offers little flexibility in this aspect, hopefully they will introduce more user-friendly features in the next version update. In case I’ve missed the point, please let me know!

Concerning the language, I am fine with you writing in French if it is easier for you (English is also fine of course!); I will still answer in English for the reasons I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this post ;)

Andrew / Satori Studio