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Dear Inoran,

Regarding the top menu issue: I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of this. It’s a bug in the code, whereby the top menu only receives the background if the promo text has been switched on. To counter this, please go to “Appearance -> Editor” and add the following line at the bottom of “style.css” (should be opened by default):
#nav-primary { float: left; }

My apologies for that, and thanks for pointing it out! I will include the fix in the theme update.

The “Promo text in top menu” field is located in the “Page Elements” tab of Theme Options, it should be the ninth field and come right after “Author information”. Could you please look again, just in case? If still no success, I will need your admin login and password plus the website’s URL (you can send it to, no disclosure guaranteed).

Andrew | Satori