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Hey Thomas,

the Visual Composer plugin, which serves as the basis for Shogun’s integrated content builder solution, unfortunately does not allow creating 5-column layouts because it is based on the Bootstrap principles and its 12-column layout grid, i.e. all column configurations must be factors of 12. The primary logic behind this widely-used standard is based on the fact that 5-based layouts are very difficult to combine with other column widths to get a full-width grid, e.g. 1/6 + 1/3 + 1/2 fits well together because it equals 1 (in turn, because all of the denominators are divisors of 12), yet anything like 1/5 + 1/3 + … or 1/5 + 1/2 + … would become very complicated as one would need to add very thin columns like 1/10 or even 1/15.

Thank you for your understanding!

Andrii / Satori Studio