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Thanks Andrii!
1) I’ve updated my home page…it looks pretty good when the font size and box is the same…it does not get lost. If you agree, maybe that’s an improvement to think about for the future
2) Re-uploaded my image and tested on a page – it works beautifully. I am a website designer and I guess I think consistency. so if it’s used on a post/page, I would want the same image to apply consistently throughout the site. I see how you think of the portfolio page as different, but I’d consider just adding a checkbox to this theme option allowing the owner to add it to the project boxes as well. Many thanks for the custom code. I love that it works on the project boxes too!
3) Thanks for explaining this to me – it makes total sense. To be honest, I would have just put the name of the author in italics after the text. By putting the author in the page name, I can’t use italics. But I get the official guide answer. Thanks for the custom code which is an easy fix.
4) Duh me! I can’t believe I went looking for the manual when it was right there in the download. My bad and thanks for your kind reply. :-)