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Hi Andrii,

Thank you for your answers.

1) This question is no longer an issue – we keep the font size as it is.

2) I know nothing about editing in the php. But if Im going to try, is then in “header.php” in the ‘mother’ theme I should change the lines?
And can I access this php file in WordPress by selecting the editor, the Ikebana ‘mother’ theme, find the php-file and edit it and then the changes will reflect in the Ikebana-child theme? I have no header.php in the child theme folder.

3) I have tried to insert this line in the ‘Add custom CSS’ field in the theme options panel, but nothing is happening…..or the font weight is so light that it’s different to tell if it has changed to white or it’s still the grey-blueish color.

4) I have tried to add this line in the ‘Add custom CSS’ as well, but nothing happens here as well……I wondering if Im doing something wrong?

I have a new question which I hope you can help me with.
If I want to change the height of the footer (to a lower height than the original height), where can I do this?

All the best,