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Hi Andrii I’m still having trouble and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Two issues:

I want to leave my home page the same (I want it to be a static page that shows my portfolio) and I want to create a separate page that will display my blog. I thought I created the separate page according to the wordpress instructions (as a new page) but when I tried to click on it in the pages list in admin, I got a 404 error. I don’t want to make a blog menu item yet because I don’t want anyone to click on it and get an error.
2. I have made four trial blog posts and they are having all sorts of problems. I set up a custom sidebar for recent posts and only one of the four shows it on preview. When I click on some of the posts in the posts list in admin, sometimes they show up and sometimes I get a 404. But most of the time I get another page on my site entirely (what’s in a name?). I also get this page when I click on anything in the recent posts list. I have tried all of this in published public, published private, and draft mode. I am sure it’s something I’m doing wrong but I’m stumped about what it is. Hope you can help. I am happy to email you my login info if you want to take a look. Thanks!