Good news, everyone! Bento, our flagship free WP template, has been accepted to the official theme repository: you can find the new official page here. This is an important step for Bento, as it means new means of installation, easier updates, more trust, and a new support environment. As a side-note: the theme wasn’t hosted on previously not because it wasn’t accepted but because the review queue is quite long and moves slowly, so it takes anywhere from 9 to 12 months to go live. More on the new benefits, though:

New means of installing Bento are now available because the repository is directly integrated into the native theme manager on every WordPress instance: you can now visit the “Appearance – Themes” in the admin section of your WordPress website, click on the “Add New” button under the page title, and simply search for the keyword “bento”. When the search is complete, you can hover over the theme and click on the blue “Install” button to add it to your WordPress – easy!

Updating Bento is now a breeze using the built-in mechanisms found by default in every WordPress admin panel – just visit the “Appearance – Themes” section and click on “update” on the Bento theme, or go to the “Dashboard – Updates” section and perform the update from there. No more ftp clients and manual uploads!

One more reason to trust Bento from now on is the fact that the review process for the official repository is the most rigorous in the industry, much more in-depth than on commercial platforms such as ThemeForest or Mojo. Having passed the review and having been approved by three separate reviewers on means Bento is secure, user-friendly, and future-proof.

Theme support has a new platform on the official page: you can visit the new support forums and browse through the existing questions and answers, as well as ask your own. Please note that in order to post on the forums you will need to register an account on

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If you are using Bento and are happy with the theme, we would be extremely grateful if you could add a 5-star rating and leave a review on the new official theme page here. Thank you!

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