Whether you’re a professional copywriter or looking to publish a one-time article, Satori Webmaster Blog is the place to be. Our aim is to provide high-quality, useful content to website owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds, from novices to professionals. Read on to find out why you should consider publishing on SWB:

Guest Posters: Get an Authoritative Mention of Your Project

If you’re looking to strengthen your own web project’s profile, we are happy to accept high-quality, original content for a link from our authoritative resource. Here’s why it’s a good choice –

  • Our website has high domain rank according to SEO tools, thanks to hundreds of incoming links, including hard-to-get natural links from such resources as WPMU Blog, ThemeForest, and WordPress.org.
  • Our own backlink profile is constantly growing, thanks to our marketing and outreach efforts, as well as existing products which people love.
  • We never link to low-quality or shady websites, so your link will be in good company and raise no objections from search engines.
  • The satoristudio.net domain is 5+ years old, hosted on a private pro-grade server, and has never been under search engines’ sanctions or penalties.
  • We’ve never used black-hat, grey-hat or spammy SEO techniques for our domain, and never will. We’re focused on sustainability and long-term results.
  • We possess 8+ years of hands-on SEO experience with tangible results and carefully follow and take into account all new developments in the field.

Apart from the above, we are also an Approved Blog on BlogGuestPosting.com, one of the largest databases of guest blogging resources. This title is provided after a review to the top blogs with high-quality content, absence of SEO penalties and other violations.

Big Guest Posting Approved

Please refer to the “Requirements” section below for more information on what we expect from content contributors. Note that while we welcome idea pitches, we do have an existing content plan, so we give priority to guest post offers which are ready to create texts based on specific topics from our content plan.

Copywriters: Get Paid to Write Awesome Content

Great authors are more than welcome to become regular contributors to Satori Webmaster Blog and earn additional income from creating awesome, useful content. We offer highly competitive rates based on text length, depth and quality. Our authors can choose to be paid either via the Upwork platform or directly using Neteller, ePayments, or Payoneer on a monthly basis.

Please go over the next section to get an idea of what we expect from our authors, and if you’re ready to work with us, get in touch!

Requirements and Conditions

We are only interested in high-quality content that meets the following criteria –

  • unique and original: we test every post submission with plagiarism tools and automatically decline any text that is less than 100% unique;
  • structured: the article should have a clear structure and be divided into titled, easy-to-follow subsections;
  • grammatically correct: it goes without saying that the text should be composed in good English and be free of mistakes and typos;
  • substantial: minimum post length is 1500 words, and long-form content is preferred;
  • to the point: we dislike words for the sake of words; great articles are free of pointless filler passages and focus on being useful and entertaining to the reader;
  • well-researched: the text should be based on the analysis of relevant information and expert opinions;
  • properly toned: we prefer casual-journalistic writing style, and abstain from using “sales-speak”, excessive technical jargon, or too much informal language.

In addition to the above, posts which make use of the following best practices have higher changes of being published: use of images and other rich media, calls for engagement, be it commenting or social sharing, humor and wit, carefully measured playfulness. Please note that we are not interested in lists or “X tips for” type posts.

Our primary audience is comprised of online entrepreneurs, website owners and administrators, as well as those who want to become such; below you can find a list of topics we are primarily interested in publishing:
– hosting and domains
– content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, etc)
– site builders (Wix, Squarespace, etc)
– website security
– web design
– web development
– search engine optimization
– online marketing
– online entrepreneurship
– personal productivity

Please submit your texts and idea pitches as well-formatted MS Word files (.docx or .doc extensions). You can link to one domain from the post, using one outgoing link; in case the link does not fit into the context, we reserve the right to place the link into the author bio.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re explaining some of the most commonly requested details below; in case you still need something clarified, don’t hesitate to mention it when you contact us.

Do I need to have prior experience as a copywriter?
No, as long as you are able to produce high-quality, well-researched texts. However, if you wish to work with us as a regular contributor, existing works and respective training will be a significant advantage affecting our decision to start the cooperation.

Under which name will my content be published?
You have a choice: either under your own name (for guest bloggers only), or as Satori Studio, i.e. anonymously.

What if my content doesn’t get approved?
We always list reasons for not accepting a particular content piece, so as to make it easier for you to revise and improve. You can resubmit at any time, provided the cited reasons have been properly corrected and all problems have been solved.

Let’s Discuss!

Ready to work with us or still have unanswered questions? Drop us a line via the contact form below, indicating “Guest Post” or “Regular Author” as the topic. Please include the following information:
– 2-3 links to samples of your existing work (authored under your name)
– Your LinkedIn profile (required for the “Authored” block beneath the post)
– The URL you are looking to include into your text, i.e. the entity you are promoting.

Looking forward to working with you!

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