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Dear Agatha,

I am not sure I understood the first question correctly, so please correct me if I’m on the wrong track: you want to display different portfolio pages with different tag filters when clicking e.g. on “Collage” or “Photography” upper menu items? If that is the case, then I must say that every portfolio page in Fuji features all items that have been created in the system. If you want to display multiple portfolios with filters, some changes and additional code will need to be done to the theme template files, which I would classify as customization work and therefore would have to charge a symbolic fee for that. In case, however, you want your “Collage” and “Photography” pages to display items in a blog format just like the “Film” section, you can create the blog posts containing the works and assign “collage” and “photography” categories to them (“Posts -> Categories”) and then change the upper menu items to be category listings instead of portfolio pages (you can see a separate “Categories” box in the “Appearance -> Menus” section, on the left).

Regarding the search results – again, correct me if I misunderstood the question, as far as I got it you were wondering about Google’s search results for your name query, i.e. “Agatha Whitechapel”. In this case I can assure that there is no exact way of knowing how Google or other search engines decide how to rank their data, there is an entire field of study and practice based on this called “Search Engine Optimization”, or SEO, which is a semi-empirical discipline, i.e. based mostly on facts sine the formulas are not disclosed by the search companies. I do not have access to an Austrian proxy server to check your website’s search rankings from within the country, but I can tell you that in Germany, your new website comes up 22th when searching for your full name, and in the UK, it comes up appr. on the 13th position. Since the website is still fresh, I suggest you give it some time to collect natural links and “appreciation” from Google, which will push it up in the rankings – I do not believe that you need to purchase complex SEO services here (although I can offer you those in case of need), since the search query containing your name is not at all a competitive one, relative to e.g. “stock investing” or “mortgages” :) What I do strongly recommend, however, is installing a good SEO plugin (such as Yoast SEO) and configuring the meta tags: title and description for your website, since this is something that Google pays close attention to. At the moment, I can see that your name is not mentioned in the meta tags, which might be one of the reasons why the website is lower in the rankings. Insert your name into title and description using this plugin and most probably you will see your website rank considerably higher for your full name query.

Andrew | Satori