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Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the explanation. I went and had another look at the tags and think I understand what you mean. Default tags displayed on all pages unless otherwise changed. And the photography tag in “Carnivalesque” and “Limited Ed.” have been unchecked from their respective portfolio pages, thank you that´s exactly how it should look now! :)

So now I´m testing something else out…
I put up a new image in Supers called “Carnage” and although I´ve made sure it has exactly the same tags checked and fields selected as the other “Supers” images, the text from the new image appears on the Supers page – which is wrong.
I just tried uploading a test picture (Testlinx Bwoons), same “Supers” tag in the portfolio page and also text and image in the upload box, but I only see this text when I click on the title of the image – as it should be.
Please could you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.