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Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your reply.
I´ve had a look at mail chimp and will see about the plugin!:)
I´m not sure I understand what you mean about the “Photography” tag. When I add a new portfolio and want to display it in Photography, then suddenly a new “Photography” link appears, on its own page.
For example, I moved the “Limited Edition” page to appear on the photography page and suddenly the “Photography” link appeared. When I took the page away, then the photography link disappeared. I don´t understand why it only appears when you add a new page.(?)
Re. the “Limited Edition” question and customization – of course, that´s fine – However, I think I solved the problem – it seemed to just be by adding a “featured image” that the picture and text appear together when you clicked on the link. You can then follow that additionally to see more details.
So it´s just the phantom link problem…_S