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Dear Andrew,

You good sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. :)

I removed the jetpack plugin via FTP and my /wp-admin started working again.

I installed the new lessframework.css, and the slideshow controls now appear at the top of the screen, both via Safari and Google Chrome on iPhone 4S iOS 6.

Thank you for you help its much appreciated.

Only gripes now is that the iPhone menu bar is till the ugly grey. Instead of the customized colors like on the android. If you could find a fix for that for iPhone that would be amazing, but if not I guess I could live with the grey menus. Its not really a big deal.

Regarding the twitter widget it still intermittently chooses when it wants to work or not work like it has a mind of its own. You suggested using the Jetpack Plugin twitter feed widget, but now that I have unistalled Jetpack via FTP, do you reccommend reinstalling it and using the twitter widget? finding another twitter feed widget? until you find a fix for that nasty lil bugger.

Again, thanks for your help and advice.

Looking forward to your response.



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