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Dear Leslye,

I’ve conducted extended testing with the mobile interface before releasing the theme, and the icon menu rectangles proved to be the most user-friendly option for adapting the icon menu items to smaller screens. If you have ideas or suggestions on an alternative way of showing the icon menu on smartphone screens, I will be more than happy if you could share.

The width of the content is directly proportional to the width of each portfolio box, and changes in full increments of the latter width; this means that you can influence the width of the content on smartphone screens by changing the width of the portfolio items boxes in Theme Options, “Portfolio Page” tab, “Portfolio page items: box dimensions” option. Since there are so many different kinds of devices with wildly varying screen sizes, this adaptability ensures that there is no need for fixed rules for every kind of screen, of which there are hundreds and new ones are being created all the time.

Andrew / Satori Studio