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Dear Andrew, I’ve came up with a new list of questions.

1) Image Gallery/ jcarousel
I’ve tried to insert image gallery and jcarousel shortcode into the page. As the result they do appear, but images preview is broken, though if i click on a «broken preview square» , image itself appear.

2) Icons. In the custom sidebar’s social icons field I’ve uploaded two custom icons. I’ve looked at the icons at Sensei Package, Sensei’s social icons are the size of 24×24 pxl, so I’ve uploaded and tried to insert the same size icons. But the problem is that in the customization field there are only three options (16 px, 32 and 64 I believe), so no metter what size I upload my icons end up to be bigger or smaller than yours, is there a way to make them the same size?

3)Localization. Yep, I use 1,2 version. I’ve tried to put satori under the domain field, but still no luck, this is what i get «Added: 0; Deleted: 0; Skipped: 1, Updated: 1.»