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Hey Andrii
Thank you for the fast reaction.
Here is the current status:
– Changed the Theme and uploaded the sample content -> worked
– Changed back the -> still no portfolio page
– Created Porfolio page -> still no Portfolio page
– Changed Settings > Reading to Static Page, Front Page: Portfolio -> worked
– Uploaded icons for the Icon Menu -> They are placed in the Media Library all right, but they won’t appear in the Icon List (also no Link appears in the
field after uploading)
– Site Icon is also not appearing where it should (left of the Menu bar)
– I have no Menu items in the Menu Bar
– facebook icon appeared after I defined the link
– the whole setup makes a somewhat brittle impression:
– Customize Panel of Ikebana is empty (no Site Title & Tagline, Navigation, Static Font Page)
– Trying to insert Pictures from the Media Library is impossible: mouse changes to move indicator, selection impossible

All in all a little step forward, but still long way to go….
Here is the link to the page:

Sincerely – Michael