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Hey Ajifsk,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

I’ve left a reply to your comment on ThemeForest just in case as well, yet will leave a reply here as well so that other forum visitors can see the information.

I will cover your questions in the same order:

1). Yes, there’s a special setting for that in Ikebana, please visit the “Page Elements” tab of the Theme Options panel and input your desired maximum width into the “Maximum content width” field. If you want to force the page to stretch to the max of the available screen with in all cases, you can set this parameter to a high number, e.g. 5000. The default setting is 1500 (pixels).

2). I am not planning to introduce this feature in full into the theme so far, mostly since it is quite specific for a wide-use theme; however, I can provide a piece of code for you that would implement greyscale hover effect on at least 90% of currently used browsers (this is also a more efficient solution, because loading each image in two alternatives would drastically increase the load time of the website, which could negatively impact use experience). Please see the code here.

You can insert this code into the “Style: Add Custom CSS” tab of the Theme Optoions panel (do not forget to press the “Save all changes” button to preserve the effect).

3). Could you please tell me which smartphone you are using to view the website (brand and model, as well as the browser). I will troubleshoot the issue.

Andrii / Satori Studio