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Dear Reiner,

I will test your website on an Apple device as soon as I get a chance, so far I’ve tried to open it in Chrome on my Android-based smartphone, and it seems to be working.

Meanwhile, I think I have one potential reason for the crashes: your website is very large in size (14.8 MB, mainly because of images, e.g. this one alone is 3 MB). This makes it quite slow by any standard (see detailed results of speed test) and might also contribute to its operation on mobile-devices, which are in general more sensitive to resource-consuming websites and applications. I highly recommend optimizing the images on your website to reduce their size to no more than 500 KB per image, and trying to reduce the size of the entire website to a maximum of 3-5 MB (the less, the better!). Please let me know if by any chance the website stops crashing on mobile devices after that (you’ll need to refresh your mobile browsers to check it out).

Andrew / Satori Studio