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Hey Leanne,

1). The URL you’ve provided contains a category header, which was indeed not affected by the code I gave earlier (as followed from my comments to the code). In case you’d like that gone too, please use this code as well:

#blog-header { display: none; }

2). The website has no logo at the moment, there is probably an issue with the uploaded images. Could you please re-upload, making sure the following: in case the „File URL” field in the upload pop-up displays an attachment URL (ending with „?attachment_id=xx” press the „File URL” button below the url field so that the link is a direct url of the image file (ends with the filename of the uploaded file). Please also remember to hit the “Save All Changes” button in the theme options panel to save the configuration. In case this does not help, I will need to ask you for the admin login and password to check the back-end myself. You can send the information to

Andrii / Satori Studio