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Hey Kjael,

I’ve made another screenshot, showing both the website and Kanso demo side-to-side: as far as I understood, you are talking about the area above the mobile menu? I’ve marked the respective area with red arrows on the screenshots, they are present in both Kanso and the website.

Regarding your last remarks – could you please clarify what you mean by saying “the menu breaks”? By design, the right-aligned full-width menu should become left-aligned and move under the logo from 1030px in width to 767px, before it collapses to the mobile menu; this is done to ensure that there’s place for all menu items on the shrinking screen width so that the menu does not become two-layered. The mobile menu should indeed move the lower part of the website down as it opens, this is how it was intended to be on mobile screens.

My apologies for the lengthy discussion, but I want to make sure I understand your concerns before proposing fixes ;)

Andrii / Satori Studio