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Hey Jay,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

I will go over the questions in the same order:

1). The logo can be of any dimensions, as long as it is less than 150 pixels in height (which is the height of the header). I would recommend a maximum height of ca 100px, to leave some free space around the logo.

2). The “Portfolio” page template in Kanso displays all projects by design. Multiple portfolios with different types weren’t originally envisaged in the theme; there are indeed automatically generated pages from each portfolio type (they have the “tag-portfolio” slug base, e.g., and can be viewed by visiting the “Portfolio -> Types” admin section, and clicking on the “View” button next to a type). However, these pages only display one specific type each. Having only three portfolio types on one page would require considerable changes in the theme’s code, and thus are not covered by the ThemeForest support offer. I will still try to help out – I can propose trying the following arrangement: the first page would be a Portfolio page with a custom piece of code that filters out only the three required types; the second page would be a portfolio type page like the one I described above. In case you would be willing to try it out, please tell me the IDs of the three tags you wish to leave on the first portfolio page, and I might be able to provide the necessary code.

3). Unfortunately, there is no “bulk” option for slide animations and other slide-specific settings – you would need to edit each slide individually.

4). The devices from the front page slider on the theme demo website are simple images :) you can download them directly from the demo website if you like, I don’t mind sharing them. Alternatively, you can get a layered PNG image of the slide from here.

Andrii / Satori Studio