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Hi Nichibus,

Thank you for taking interest in my themes!

Let me answer your questions one by one:

1). Kabuki’s design did not imply menu icons from the start; if you need icons to appear in the menu items, this can in principle be done, yet in case you would want me to do it, I would have to charge additionally for that since I classify this type of work as theme customization.

2). For usability reasons, Kabuki does not have a recent posts slider; again, in case such modification is needed, it should be viewed in the theme customization context.

3). The menu can be left visible through the Theme Options panel. There is also an option to show the menu items stretched according to the length of the text (as in the demo) or have a fixed width; this option can go in any combination with the menu visibility option.

4). Different colours for individial menu items are not supported from the back-end, yet this can be achieved by inserting a couple of lines of code. This part is quite easy to achieve thus I can help with this as a part of free theme support.

5). Kabuki, as my other themes, can indeed be used with the Multilingial plugin.

Andrew | Satori