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Hey Antonio,

sorry if I was not articulate enough about the fancybox overlays. Let me explain: the black square navigation in the overlay images switches between different projects of the “image” format”, i.e. once you have more than one project in your portfolio, the arrows will appear automatically in the fancyboxes (you can check the Ikebana theme demo to see how it works).

If, however, you meant not the overlays which pop up when you click on an “image” format project (e.g. the one with a paper and a smiley on it in the theme demo portfolio), but the galleries which switch images inside the project box (e.g. the project with an image of wires under a table in the demo portfolio), then this is achieved by marking the project as “gallery” format and uploading one or more images into the post.

Regarding the menu issue – you’re right, I haven’t included one scenario in which the logo itself has not been uploaded at all. Please download this fix, unzip, and upload into the theme folder. Thank you for pointing this out! Will include into the next theme update as well.

Andrew / Satori Studio