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Hi once more Leda1979 ;)

To display the theme’s native logo, please upload the image through the Theme Options panel (the corresponding admin menu item), the “Page Elements” tab, “Logo” option. According to your description, the most optimal image would be a rectangle which is 656px wide, with the logo text in the center. In case you do not have graphics software to create such an image (I usually do it in Fireworks, but it can also be easily done in e.g. Photoshop), you can send me the logo text/image and I’ll prepare the image file for you to upload as the final logo :)

Since you’ve changed your website’s theme at the moment, I can only guess, but I’m pretty sure that the “pure questo” phrase comes from the text you’ve entered in the Theme Options panel, the “Page Elements” tab, “Promo text in top menu” option. Please check if that’s the case; then removing this text and hitting “Save All Changes” will remove the text from the menu.

Andrew | Satori