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Hi i000yards!

Thank you for expressing interest in Fuji!

Regarding your question: it is possible to display full-width images on 1-column portfolio template, with a small modification to the code: you’d need to add the following line to “style.css”:
.page-template-page_portfolio-one-column-php #portfolio-list .portfolio-item img { width: 950px !important; }
.page-template-page_portfolio-one-column-php #content #portfolio-list .portfolio-item img { max-width: 950px !important; }
.page-template-page_portfolio-one-column-php #portfolio-list .portfolio-item .excerpt { display: none; }
.page-template-page_portfolio-one-column-php #portfolio-list .portfolio-item h3 { display: none; }

To get rid of the heading tabs throughout the theme, you’ll just need to indicate a transparent colour for them in the Theme Options panel (option “Box header background color”): rgba(0,0,0,0). In case you only wish to hide tabs on the portfolio page, you’d need to insert the following code into “style.css”:
.page-template-page_portfolio-one-column-php h1 { background: transparent !important; }

Page background can be set easily through the Theme Options panel. You can choose between a solid fill, a repeated texture, or a stretched image. Note however that the background is set for the entire website, thus if you need to set a different background specifically for one page, we’d need to implement a small tweak to the code similar to the above.

In any case, I am here to answer any questions regarding Fuji modifications and to help implement required changes – free of additional charge of course, given that they are reasonably feasible.

Should you have other questions/comments, do not hesitate to approach me!

Andrew | Satori