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Hey Laurens,

1). Here’s the custom file which does include the maps sections into the menu (I’ve excluded them on purpose previously). Again, simply unzip the archive and upload the contained file into the theme folder.

2). This is a trickier one; the only “quick” way I can think of is to force the maps to behave like this in all browsers would be to add an extra transparent div layer above them (i.e. the maps would be “behind the glass” and not affected by the scrolling), yet in this case one will also not be able to interact with the map in any other way. The more “natural” way would be to use Google Maps API to embed the map, yet this requires knowledge of Javascript and other languages; I cannot do it remotely for you because to use the API each website must create a unique API key that will be used for embedding the maps on that particular website. If you still want to go for it, you could try creating the key in the “Obtaining an API Key” section of the API manual and send it to me via email to, I might be able to help with the rest.

3). Regarding your last question: please provide a specific example with a link – that way I will be able to see the code and give you a more substantial piece of advise.

Andrii / Satori Studio