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Hello Andrii,

Thanks for your kind help! It worked.

But now I got another problem, sometimes I feel like desparate^^ The Slider is too short, it should have the same size as the background (like the Slider in your Theme Demo) but there is like 200 or 300 px whitespace next to the Slider, left and right. But the picture that I used as a Slider should be big enough, it is about 2500 x 3000 px. What am I doing wrong?

One more thing (sorry^^): There is no whitespace under the Slider, i.e. between Slider and the following page in Onepage-Mode, although I chose “center-center”.

I did a screenshot to show what I mean, as I am German and explaining my desperate situation in English isn`t easy ;)

And: How can I change the order of the menu text elements in the top navigation? I tried to change the order via “Design” -> “Menu” and it worked there, but in frontend, it is displayed in a complete different order.

Thanks & Kind Regards

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