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Hey Mk1990,

as I mentioned earlier, in order to have a static front page, please change the settings in the “Settings -> Reading” admin area (for more information on this, see also theme manual, page 4). To set up the menu, please visit “Appearance -> Menu” admin area, as per usual in WP; in order to upload the logo and tweak the website elements, please use the Theme Options panel. In case you have troubles replicating specific parts or features, please do not hesitate to ask!

Every element’s color in Tokyo can be changed via the Theme Options panel (the “Style: Header”, “Style: Content, Widgets”, and “Style: Footer” tabs); I do not provide skins with my templates since every user wants their own unique combination of colours – I’ve decided it is better to give everyone the freedom to style the theme to their particular taste :)

Andrii / Satori Studio