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Hey Leslye,

I will go over the issues in the same order:

1). The in-text heading font color should be changed in the “Body subheading text color” field on the “Style: Content, Widgets” tab of the Theme Options panel, yet I’ve double-checked it and there seems to be a bug with this option. I’ve uploaded the fix here – please download the file, unzip it, and upload into the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/Ikebana) via ftp. My apologies for this one, and thank you for pointing it out! I will also include the fix in the upcoming theme update.

2). Icon menu position is not adjustable via the admin back-end, for the sake of preserving the layout and visual style of the theme. However, it can be done by adding custom CSS (into the textarea in the “Style: Add Custom CSS” tab of the Theme Options panel):
body #iconmenu { margin-left: -74px !important; }
The “-74” is the default position; any number smaller than that (e.g. -90) will move the menu to the left.

3). The content of the text widget is determined by what you insert into it – the WordPress’ built-in text widget is not a part of any particular theme, so you’ll need to use in-text styling there; you can simply create the content you need in a new post editor, then switch to the “Text” mode via the tab on the top right of the editing area, copy the code, and paste it into the text widget.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Andrew / Satori Studio