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Hey KF,

I will answer the questions in the same order:

1). The column shortcode contains two parameters: the width of the column, and its position:
– the width is a fraction, written with a hyphen, e.g. a 1/2 column would mean [column size=”1-2″]Content[/column] shortcode, and 2/5 column would imply a [column size=”2-5″]Content[/column] shortcode.
– the position parameter is only needed to “tell” the column that it is the last one in a row, e.g. if I want two columns 1/2 width each in one row, I would use this: [column size=”1-2″]Content[/column][column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]Content[/column].
More information on column shortcode usage is available on page 18 of the theme manual.

2). My apologies, this paragraph on page 13 of the manual is outdated – thanks for reporting! I will correct it and update the theme. The textures pack is indeed inside the Resources folder, yet the icons have been replaced by an icon Font called Font Awesome (see the “Font Awesome Integration” subsection in the same section). Icon fonts are a more modern solution to using icons, they are scalable, formattable via CSS, and can be used on retina screens as well.

Please let me know if something is still unclear.

Andrii / Satori Studio