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Hey KF,

to align the columns, please try removing any spaces or new lines between the column codes, i.e. instead of

[column size="1-2"]Content[/column][column size="1-2" last="1"]
[column size="1-2"]Content[/column][column size="1-2" last="1"]

try making it:

[column size="1-2"]Content[/column][column size="1-2" last="1"][column size="1-2"]Content[/column][column size="1-2" last="1"]

Regarding the full-width pages: Kanso’s one-page mode has been specifically designed to have headings in the left as a distinctive theme design feature; there’s no back-end way of making a full-width page in the current version of the theme. However, it can be done with a few lines of additional code:

#page-holder-195 .page-title { float: none; }
#page-holder-195 .content-container-inner { float: none; width: 100% }

(this is a code specifically for the last section of your front page; in order to make other sections full-width, I’d need to insert the same lines for each of them, replacing the “195” with the ID of the page that holds the respective content.

Please let me know if the above information is helpful in your situation!

Andrii / Satori Studio