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Kenya Fever

Ugh. I’ve tried this so many times. And although I’m able to make the columns now, they never align. They’re all staggered. If you go to my site:, and go to ‘New Features’ you can see what I mean.

On a related note, I’d love to make the features a full-width page, meaning instead of the header in left column, it would actually be above the content so that I can have, say, three columns go the width of the site. in the manual it says this: “The single-page layout is an aggregate of one or several individual pages, each of which can be of any available layout (e.g. „portfolio“, „blog posts“, „right-sidebar“, etc)…” (page 4). But, even when I select page template for full width, or with sidebar, or whatever, it always renders the same, no matter what. So, is it possible to have a page in the one-page configuration actually go full width?

Please let me know how to fix the columns if possible, and whether full-width is possible.