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Hey Chao,

I apologize for the delay in my reply!

The WordPress plugin based on the Infinite Scroll will not function with Ikebana’s portfolio layout because the latter is based on the Isotope masonry layout and the former only envisages simple multi-page blog-type pages. The Isotope uses a special method called “appended” to add new items, which is not included into the WordPress plugin for Infinite Scroll.

You would need to use the plain jQuery version of the Infinite Scroll with Ikebana’s portfolio page.

Anyhow, I will implement the effect on your website, since I was planning to add it to the theme anyway. Please send me your ftp account login and password – I’ve made a typo in the php code while altering the needed files on your website, now it can only be fixed by re-uploading the correct files via ftp (you can do it yourself if you wish – just upload the file from this archive into the “wp-content/themes/Ikebana/” directory on your install.

Andrew / Satori Studio