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Dear Foodnotes,

I think I got the point now, here are some possibilities in Fuji:
– There is a native monthly archives sidebar widget in WordPress, which you can of course use with Fuji; I’ve activated it in the demo so that you could check out how it looks (e.g. on this page).
– Fuji does not currently contain a specialized page listing all post in an archive fashion, like in the demo you sent me (, yet now that you’ve mentioned it, I will include this as a planned feature for the next update (which will be version 2.1) – for that a big thanks! In the meanwhile, what I can do is to create a “quick substitute” for you in case you decide to use Fuji in your work: I can create a template file from this tutorial for you (there is a screenshot of how it would look like in the section titled “Archives”.

Hope I was relevant enough! :)

Andrew | Satori