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Hi again,

Re point 1 (‘Pop-up images are being ‘cut off’ by the header’) – I found a solution, which I thought I would share in case anyone should be interested. I simply changed the z-index of the header in my style.css file as follows:

.fixed-header {
z-index: 1000;

Before it was 9000, whereas the pop-up images are 1102.

As far as I know this doesn’t conflict with any other elements of the site.

Re point 12 (‘WooCommerce CodeStyling Localization bug’) – actually I think the issue is with WooCommerce and not the theme? Anyway, I found a solution by manually downloading the .PO and .MO files, translating them using, and re-uploading them. This worked a treat! :-)

Re point 6 (‘Logo loads twice and seems a bit bulky’) – unfortunately my solution wasn’t good enough and this issue showed up to be a bigger problem than I thought it was in that Firefox really isn’t compatible yet with the ‘Picturefill’ method of the ‘WP Retina 2x’ plugin. I reverted back to the ‘Retina.js’ method, which works, but which slows the site down dramatically as all images are loaded twice on retina devices. Anyway, through playing around with this I found another, and much more problematic issue, which is that if an uploaded image isn’t big enough for ‘WP Retina 2x’ to generate a @2x version of it for all thumbnail sizes, and if you then call a thumbnail on your site that hasn’t got a @2x version, then the image won’t display and the browser just shows the image filename instead of reverting back to using the low res version instead… This means that in order to ensure that all images will be shown whenever called, the original file will have to be a minimum size of 2208px on the short edge as this is twice the size of the ‘square’ image thumbnail size that the Shogun theme uses. Hope that makes sense? Here’s an example, on this page using Firefox on a retina device, the images shows up, but then disappears soon after the browser has realised that there are no @2x versions of the images (ignore the slider):

Anyway, we’ll probably have to wait for Firefox to catch up re using the ‘Picturefill’ method and in regards to the other issue, I’ve also reported this to the developer of the WP Retina 2x plugin in the hope that this can be fixed.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions if I haven’t explained well enough. Then I’ll do my best to flesh it out some more :-)

Anyway, none of these are pressing issues/suggestions, just thought I would share them here anyway.



PS. I’m still also interested in the below (and above) points if anyone has got suggestions :-)

2. Add breakpoints to masonry tiles (+ more)
3. Add custom margin option for masonry tiles
4. Add option to choose fitting style for masonry tiles
5. Add thumbnails option to masonry tiles
7. Add overlay on Visual Composer elements
8. Titles on masonry tiles
9. WooCommerce seems to overwrite page styles
10. Added to cart message
11. Make it possible to hide logo completely / make minimisation of header happen earlier
13. Previous/Next project/blog post