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Hey Jonas,

please find my comments below:

10). Thanks! I’ve added an extra filter into the “functions.php” file, now the message appears in the correct order (no idea why WooCommerce would want to make it in that order by default). It will be included into version 1.3 of the theme as well.

11). Yes, in Shogun 1.3 the logo will disappear on scroll by default in case the centered header layout is chosen.

Regarding your question about disabling the scripts: yes, you can just comment out / remove the lines which register and enqueue the respective scripts in the “functions.php” file just like you’ve illustrated.

As an aside: I’d recommend installing a caching plugin only when the website is fully completed – if still in development, it might hinder you from applying changes to the code (you probably know that, but though I’d mention it just in case).

Andrii / Satori Studio