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Hi Andrii,

Thanks for your response and sorry about the long list I added – hope it’s okay.

1. Cool! I’m glad it was useful.

2. Looks great! Looking forward to version 1.3.

3. Ok. Hope you will, although I personally don’t need this feature atm. Might be useful for others though.

4. I understand, and if point 5 is something you might add to a future update, the need for different fitting styles becomes less relevant as you can easily crop thumbnails.

5. This would be great!

7. I’ve used the Post Grid method with success, however I was hoping that perhaps a future update of the theme would also have overlays on the single images, posts sliders, galleries and the widgetised sidebar (the thumbnails) of the Visual Composer plugin. Although I am aware that it might not be a very easy plugin to work with, from a developer’s perspective, and so I completely understand if this isn’t something you are planning to do – but it would be quite nice if so.

8. I completely understand, and there are more important features to potentially work on anyway.

10. E.g. if you add the Tokai Helmet ( to your cart, then it pops up just above the image of the item.

11. Thanks for this! I’ve made changes to the code in order to hide the logo manually (thanks for your help with this earlier on). So does this mean that in the newest version of the theme the logo will hide on scroll if the site is using the centered layout, or is it something you’re considering for the next update?

13. Aha! That makes sense re the ‘back to portfolio’ button. No worries and thanks for the explanation. An option to manually add the parent page/portfolio/blog would be cool – but it would only be a ‘nice to have’ feature… Re the example you send of the previous/next feature, how do you activate this? Is it only applicable to projects and not blog posts?

One last thing. I am trying to make the site load a bit quicker – it’s a bit too slow at the moment for what’s acceptable for my client – and so if I want to make it not call all scripts (i.e. the retina.js script as it conflicts with WP Retina 2x, and the jquery.nicescroll.js script as I don’t use it at all), do I then simply delete these lines from functions.php file?:

94. wp_register_script(‘retina’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/scripts/retina/retina.js’, array(‘jquery’), false, true);

105. wp_enqueue_script(‘retina’);

[and the same for jquery.nicescroll.js]

NB. I am also installing W3 Total Cache in the hope that this will also help it load faster. Considering MaxCDN too…

Anyway, thanks for your help!