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Hey Jonas,

thank you for the extensive suggestions and comments!

I will take them in in bits :) here are preliminary comments to the respective items:

1. Pop-up images are being ‘cut off’ by the header – I’ve added the z-index declarations to the theme core, thank you for bringing this up!

2. Add breakpoints to masonry tiles (+ more) – added breakpoints for smaller screens (767px and less), will include them into version 1.3 of the theme (you can see how it works here).

3. Add custom margin option for masonry tiles – will consider adding this option to the next version, thanks!

4. Add option to choose fitting style for masonry tiles – the theme envisages the portfolio items as either squares (1×1) or rectangles with the sides as multiples of the smallest square (i.e. 2×3, 1×2, etc), so far I haven’t got an idea how to reconcile this with your proposed feature.

5. Add thumbnails option to masonry tiles – this might also be an interesting feature for the upcoming versions.

7. Add overlay on Visual Composer elements – there is indeed an option to have portfolio-like overlays on VC elements, namely the Posts Grid items – you can see how it works on the front page of the theme demo, where the 6-item portfolio extract has been created using the Posts Grid VC element. Have you tried using Posts Grid?

8. Titles on masonry tiles – hm, in this case again it is a question of design – in Shogun’s masonry portfolio template the titles are displayed on top of the items, as overlays.

10. Added to cart message – could you please tell me where exactly does the message appear? I cannot seem to be able to locate it.

11. Make it possible to hide logo completely / make minimisation of header happen earlier – I’ve included the feature whereby the logo is being hidden on scroll automatically when the user chooses the centered header layout to the theme core, thank you for this one! On your website, I can currently see that the logo first becomes smaller (smoothly), and then disappears on scroll – have you made changes to the code, or does it look different on your machine? Regarding the timing of the disappearing of the logo and minimization of the header, you can try tinkering with the number parameter on this line in the header-functions.php file (should be around line 926, depending on your theme version):

var homax = homore + 20;

If you make the “20” smaller or 0, the menu will contract earlier.

13. Previous/Next project/blog post – if I understood you correctly, such a feature already exists in the theme – see e.g. this project. Did I misunderstand your question? Regarding the “back to portfolio” button – the problem is that the theme has no way of telling which page is considered as the portfolio in a particular website set-up; but I will think of how this could be circumvented, e.g. by letting the user pick one manually.

Andrii / Satori Studio