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Hi again, again :-)

Just wanted to follow up on point 6 (‘Logo loads twice and seems a bit bulky’), and say that I’ve now found a solution to this problem.

After having struggled for a while trying out different settings combinations, I finally found out that it was simply the inbuilt retina.js javascript of the theme that made WP Retina 2x not able to work properly; it would not default back to a low-res version if an @2x version wasn’t available and switching method to ‘Picturefill’ wasn’t possible as the retina.js script was in the way. I simply deleted this script and WP Retina 2x is now working fine. For anyone interested in doing the same (switching to the Picturefill method), please note that you’ll have to define the size of your logo. I did it like this:

#logo img {
width: 300px;
height: auto;
max-width: 90% !important; (to make the logo always fit on mobile screens)

.fixed-header #logo img {
width: 150px;
height: auto;
max-width: inherit !important;

Also, in regards to point 9 (‘WooCommerce seems to overwrite page styles’), then I found a solution in simply making a 301 (permanent) redirect of the shop page to a new page which WooCommerce doesn’t overwrite (in my case: /home-shop/). Here are the instructions if that’s something you want to do yourself:

Hope that’s helpful.



An updated list of wishes/things that I am working on:

2. Add breakpoints to masonry tiles (+ more)
3. Add custom margin option for masonry tiles
4. Add option to choose fitting style for masonry tiles
5. Add thumbnails option to masonry tiles
7. Add overlay on Visual Composer elements
8. Titles on masonry tiles
10. Added to cart message
11. Make it possible to hide logo completely / make minimisation of header happen earlier
13. Previous/Next project/blog post