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Hey Khan20,

Thank you for expressing interest in the item!

To answer your questions:

1). To move the logo box further to the left, you’ll need to add a line of code to the theme’s “style.css” file (opens by default in “Appearance -> Editor” admin menu) since such option is not included directly into the Theme Options back-end:
#logo-wrap, #nav-secondary { left: -128px !important; }
Any negative number below -128 (e.g. -200, -300 etc) would move the box (and the menu) to the left.

2). Again, you’ll need to add a snippet to “style.css”:
#logo-wrap #logo a { width: 116px !important; height: 120px !important; }
#logo-wrap #logo { height: auto !important; }

The pixel height and width of the first declaration can be changed arbitrarily.

3). One of my main principles when building themes is full colour customization from the admin back-end – you can set any color for any element of the page, including the ones you mention, from the Theme Options panel.

It is worth adding that I also provide support and help with theme set-up and customization here on the forums – and as long as the tasks are not concerned with large-scale customization not envisaged by the theme, it is free of charge for all buyers.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Andrew | Satori Studio